Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem affecting millions of men in the UK alone. Whilst it can be a worrying issue, there are treatments available and understanding what causes ED is important for finding an effective solution. The National Health Service (NHS) provides advice on diagnosing and treating ED with helpful information on the potential causes of this condition. In this guide, we will discuss what cause erectile dysfunction according to the NHS, along with useful tips and information for managing it.

Physical Causes

The NHS states that physical causes make up around 80% of cases of erectile dysfunction, often due to poor circulation resulting from aging or underlying medical issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Other physical reasons include nerve damage from injury or surgery, hormonal imbalances, certain medications like antidepressants and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety or stress.

Psychological Causes

Psychological causes can also contribute to ED with approximately 20% of cases being linked to mental health issues such as anxiety disorders or depression. Unresolved relationship conflicts can also play a role as sexual performance can suffer when you’re feeling anxious about a partner’s reaction or not feeling emotionally connected. Performance anxiety surrounding sex itself can also be a major issue particularly if one partner has had negative experiences in the past leading them to worry about future performance inadequacies which may worsen ED symptoms.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

If you believe your ED has been caused by psychological reasons then addressing any underlying mental health conditions should be your primary focus for successful treatment. Your GP may refer you for counselling sessions which could provide insight into your relationship dynamics as well as help manage any related stressors in life more effectively.

For other physical causes related to poor circulation then improving your lifestyle habits such as exercising regularly, eating nutritiously and cutting down on smoking/alcohol could have beneficial effects on preventing symptoms of ED..   Prescription medications are available too specifically designed for treating impotence with Viagra and Cialis being amongst the most popular choices though each person may respond differently so always talk to your doctor before trying anything new yourself! Surgery is also an option if all else fails but should only ever be considered after consulting a specialist first.

In conclusion, understanding what cause erectile dysfunction according to the NHS is essential in order to find an appropriate treatment plan tailored towards individual requirements. Consulting your doctor should always be your first port of call when considering different options though making healthy lifestyle changes like exercising regularly and eating nutritiously will certainly help improve chances of reducing symptoms over time!

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