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Terms and Conditions


⦁ All shipments can be tracked (signature required).
⦁ Parcels are delivered with the mediation of large, well-known carrier companies.
⦁ Wholesale orders delivered free of charge.
Please feel free to contact us for more information on shipping.

Reshipment Policy
Wholesale orders are reshipped in accordance with the same procedure as for normal store orders:
⦁ Reshipment is free if the track code says “Stuck”.
⦁ If the track code states that the delivery failed due to address issues (“Unable to deliver; wrong address”), no reshipment is available.

Wholesale orders can be paid with Bitcoin or by SEPA bank transfer.

We refrain from communicating over WhatsApp or Telegram due to security issues. Please send us an email if you would like to chat via Jabber, Wickr or Signal. You can also request our PGP key by e-mail. Our email address:   Note: Exchange of emails between Protonmail accounts is encrypted. We therefore recommend using a Protonmail account for contacting us.

Benefits of Cenforce 100 Wholesale Europe
Though possible, shipping from third countries is not exactly the best option. First and foremost, the problem is customs clearance. It requires the sender to follow a procedure of exporting goods, which is time-consuming and can involve a lot of formalities. This is even more so with bulk medication shipments. These circumstances can make the export of medicinal products from third-world countries rather unprofitable. Apart from that, you could face legal responsibility if a shipment is arrested and deemed illegal.
Needless to say, the timelines are much greater in this instance as well. Due to logistic issues that may arise, it may take weeks for one to receive a shipment. This, in turn, makes planning a business strategy a rather daunting task, with lots of unpredictable factors affecting the long-term perspective.

Another issue is communication; while English is widely in most parts of the world as an international language, lack of understanding remains a rather common issue. Finally, we could mention a flock of minor problems to add extra burden – connection failures, time zone differences, phone communication difficulties, and so on.
Thus, while low price can be seen as a major advantage, Cenforce 100 bulk orders from third countries carry a number of inherent risks, eventually rendering the opportunity unfavourable. This is why wholesale of Cenforce 100 in Europe turns out to be a rather attractive solution.

Cenforce 100 Wholesale Suppliers is a wholesale supplier of Cenforce 100, Oral Jelly and many other treatments for erectile dysfunction. Being based in Europe, we can ship any orders from a European point of origin. If you are interested in large quantities, please contact us by email. UK and Europe-wide deliveries. Please see our rates and terms of delivery above.
Interested in ED medication shipments from Europe or the UK? Look no more. Assuming that you have decided to start trading in erectile dysfunction medications, your supplier is one of the core priorities for you to consider. Naturally, any business is willing to make use of the lowest possible procurement prices. Without doubting this consideration, it should be said, however, that price is not the only factor you should take into account when you look for cheap Cenforce 100 suppliers in the UK. A good option means that buying Cenforce 100 in bulk is going to be simple, easy and secure for you. We would like to note the advantages that make our pharmacy one of the best.
Many sellers are eager to choose lowest bidders as suppliers of Cenforce 100. One of the notable sources of such cheap supplies is India. Placing orders for cheap supplies can sure win you a certain amount of money at first, but brings its own risks into the equation, potentially resulting in the loss of time, energy and, eventually, profit.

Benefits of shipping from the European Schengen area
Shipping from the Schengen area results in an entire range of advantages. First of all, it is a lucrative market per se, with 26 European countries that may require your goods and services. One of the best things about those Schengen-based shipments, however, is the absence of customs barriers. Therefore, residents of the Schengen area will definitely get their goods from another Member State faster, as there will be no customs clearance to slow down the delivery. Even if the delivery site is outside the Schengen borders, you can expect the entire thing to take much less time, as, essentially, there is just one border to cross for your goods, which originate from a zone deemed safe and secure by the whole world.

The added benefit is that all countries within the area have superb infrastructure, which speeds up deliveries and reduces the cost thereof. Some of the world’s largest air and sea transportation hubs are situated here. Numerous specialised carrier companies are there for you to handle the shipping process in a smooth and professional manner. Wholesale suppliers shipping from Europe would have no problem getting Cenforce 100 bulk orders in the UK.
Tracked Shipments
Shipments, including batches of Cenforce 100 bulk buy in the UK, can be tracked easily through the tracking systems used by Schengen transport operations. Thanks to these advanced trackers, a buyer can see the exact location and status of their shipments at any moment. Licensing and registration requirements that apply to European courier companies leave virtually no space for errors or mistakes.
Of course, even with all these benefits taken into account, the cost may be a concern for potential customers looking for cheap Cenforce 100 suppliers from Europe. With the bargain deal offers from our company, however, this should not be much of a problem. Our prices are not just reasonable; these are great. Moreover, bulk orders are delivered free of charge. Frequent wholesale buyers can also expect special deals, making the entire affair even more lucrative. Two regular payment options are available: you can do an SEPA bank transfer or pay in Bitcoin. Crypto payments are a handsome choice for those willing to maintain confidentiality.Pleaseeee

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